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Master Specialist – VMware Cloud on AWS 2021 Exam (5V0-33.19)



Exam Details

The VMware Cloud on AWS: Master Services Competency Specialist Exam 2021 (5V0-33.19), which leads to the Master Specialist – VMware Cloud on AWS 2021 badge is a 34-item exam, with a passing score of 300 using a scaled method. Candidates are given an appointment time of 65 minutes, which includes a five-minute seating time and adequate time to complete the exam for nonnative English speakers. The actual exam time is 60 minutes.

Exam Delivery
This is a proctored exam delivered at Pearson VUE testing centers, world-wide. For more information, visit the Pearson VUE website.

Certification Information
For details and a complete list of requirements and recommendations for certification attainment, please reference the VMware Education Services – Certification website.

Minimally Qualified Candidate

The minimally qualified candidate (MQC) should have advanced knowledge of VMware Cloud on AWS service delivery. The candidate should have broad and deep expertise across VMware’s portfolio. The candidate should have experience with HCX and Site Recovery Manager and have familiarity with backup and data protection processes and the cloud provider hub. The MQC should have all the knowledge contained in the associated pre-requisite courses and exam sections listed below.

Exam Sections

Section 1 — Hybrid Cloud Readiness Assessment Service

Objective 1.1 — Explain when an assessment is appropriate Objective 1.2 — Describe the objectives of the assessment Objective 1.3 — Describe the methodology of the assessment

Section 2 — Datacenter Migration Service with HCX

Objective 2.1 — Describe the use cases for HCX with VMC on AWS

Objective 2.2 — Explain the HCX connectivity requirements

Objective 2.3 — Explain the deployment process of HCX for VMC on AWS

Objective 2.4 — Explain the requirements for HCX Bulk Migration

Objective 2.5 — Describe HCX Bulk Migration workload configuration

Objective 2.6 — Explain the requirements for HCX vMotion migrations

Objective 2.7 — Describe the connectivity requirements of HCX vMotion migrations

Objective 2.8 — Explain when HCX is appropriate for a workload migration

Objective 2.9 — Explain the functions of the four systems that can be deployed for HCX

Section 3 — Disaster Recovery Service with VMware Site Recovery Service

Objective 3.1 — Explain the configuration process for VMC on AWS DRaaS

Objective 3.2 — Describe single site topology for VMC on AWS DRaaS

Objective 3.3 — Describe muftí-site topologies for VMC on AWS DRaaS

Objective 3.4 — Calculate the bandwidth requirements to maintain RPO

Objective 3.5 — Explain why site recovery is appropriate for a workloads DR protection

Objective 3.6 — Configure site pavings for VMC on AWS DRaaS

Objective 3.7 — Configure Workload Protection

Objective 3.8 — Explain the VMC on AWS connectivity requirements Section

4 — Leveraging VMC on AWS API’s

Objective 4.1 — Leverage VMC on AWS API Explorer and SDKs for operational simplification

Objective 4.2 — Demonstrate the use of PowerCLl, Datacenter CLI (CLI), and Terra form resources against VMC on AWS endpoints

Objective 4.3 — Develop automation strategies through the use of AWS CloudFormation templates and/or HashiCorp Terraform Modules

Section 5 — Native AWS Integration Service

Objective 5.1 — Explain the use cases for common native AWS services (S3 for backups, EFS, route53, RDS)

Objective 5.2 — Demonstrate the development of hybrid application architectures

Section 6 — MSP Service (includes GTM models overview and Cloud Provider Hub knowledge)

Objective 6.1 — Demonstrate an understanding of VMC on AWS GTM and where to position the service to meet client use cases

Section 7 — Data Protection Considerations for VMware Cloud on AWS (vendor agnostic)

Objective 7.1 — Demonstrate an understanding of Data Protection strategies

Objective 7.2 — Leverage Native AWS Services for data Drotection use cases

Objective 7.3 — Develop data protection strategies which meet business requirements

Required Courses

VMC on AWS: Master Services Competency Prep Course — Video-based Training

VMC on AWS: Master Services Competency Prep Course — Live Workshop